TAYL — Talk at You Later

TAYL is a service that turns text content into audio. Instead of consuming text in front of the screen, you can consume audio while outside living your life free of eye-strain.

Save your text content using our premium browser extensions, smartphone apps for iOS or Android, via one of our 1,500+ integrations or simply by typing. We’ll keep a readable copy for you, free from ads and other clutter. We’ll deliver an audio version of the same content to your private podcast feed. Listen at your convenience.

tayl.app - Websites to podcast

Global Features — Global Growth Potential

The underlying platform supports more than 30 different languages. Users can select from a huge variety of over 200 voices. This product scales easily and has very good growth potential.

Profitable From Day One

The initial version of TAYL was built in less than 3 months (with me working on it only evenings and weekends). After launching in March 2019, it quickly became profitable within only a couple of hours, due to the low running costs.

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